new hope rehab cnter is the Best rehab center in Islamabad, Pakistan

By Qualified Doctors & Psychiatrists

Drug Addiction Recovery

Medically supervised rapid detox and comprehensive drug addiction treatment to prevent relapse.

Qualified & Trained Staff

In Patient Treatment for recovery from drug addictions of all sorts including ice, heroine, alcohol etc.

Long-term Addiction Recovery

Our programs help successful drug addiction treatment for long-term goal of sober and responsible living.

Our Rehabilitation Center is located at Islamabad, Pakistan

Drug Addiction Treatment Center for Patients Worldwide

Medically Supervised Rapid Detox

Under the supervision of qualified doctors and psychiatrists, the rehabilitation center offers quality detox service in just under 14 days.


Most important success factor is rewiring the brain to refrain from drug abuse and minimize the chance of relapse, thus leading the patient to long-term achievement of complete recovery from drug addictions and psychiatric issues.

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Our services

Offering New Detox Treatment Methodologies

Rapid Detox

We offer effective detox treatment during procedures our patients will treat with general anesthesia and drugs.

In-Patient Treatment

Providing 24-hour rehabilitation services and recovery programs to our patients in a controlled environment.


The psychologist will treat mental health problems about drug addiction and consult them with the best solutions.

Nursing Care

Our expert nurses fulfill their duties and provide vital medical facilities to our patients. Separate facility for ladies.

VIP Facilities

We offer in-patient and outpatient services and the best VIP services in terms of special programs, cost, services, and treatments.

Effective & Proven Program

Experts effectively address drug addiction problems and support them with rehabilitation therapies with proven results.


High-quality Drug Addiction Recovery

We treat painful withdrawal symptoms and offer psychiatric facilities to recover drug addiction issues. Our detox professionals offer therapies and medication to treat these issues at initial stages. Readmore..

We treat drug addiction problem with an effective rehab care program. We motivate people and help them to get back to their normal life and achieve higher independence of living. Readmore..

Expert physicians and doctors recover rehab treatment problems with the help of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. We help our patients to recover from certain feelings trigger after relapse. Readmore..


meet our staff

Miss Zobia Mian

(Gold medalist) MSC(psy) M.ed(Education) Psychologist/Special Education Drug Addition Therapist Motivational Speaker

Mehreen Hashmi

Clinical Psychologist
MSc and ADCP. Practicing sevices in Drug Addiction counselling and CBT therapist


Spirtual Therapist, Drug Addiction Constructor, Life Coach

Malik Ansar Ali

Manager/Intervention specialist

Ali Raza


Treatment Programs Modeled on Standards

Rehab Center is Open 24 x 7

for Psychiatric & Addiction Patients including Emergencies