Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol is a legitimate, supervised compound that decreases anxiety and emotions. It also has a wide array of side effects, from balance loss to slurred expression. Not everybody who consumes is an alcoholic, but everyone whose life on a regular basis is adversely influenced by drinking is known to have an alcohol use disorder. In different ways, including beer, wine and hard liquor, alcohol is generally consumed as a cocktail.

Liquor is the umbrella term for tequila, whisky, gin, rum and bourbon, which are hard alcoholic beverages or spirits. Liquor has a far higher ABV and is mostly blended with sodas, fruits or water than beer or wine. The average pouring scale for a liquor is 1.5 oz. Liquor is drunk as a shot or “neat” and not blended into cocktails. Sugar content speeds up alcohol ingestion through the bloodstream, meaning more accelerated intoxication can be induced from consuming beer combined with soda. They are made easier to drink by the reduced liquid content of shots, contributing to a greater chance of violence and resulting excessive drinking.

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