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Home Based Treatment Program


The initial step for constructive and long-lasting addiction recovery to substances or addictive behaviors is drug and alcohol rehabilitation, or drug rehab therapy.

Drug systems is a serious disorder that physically, mentally, socially, biologically and intellectually affects the individual.

As such, therapy must be similarly both for such a dynamic, all-encompassing illness. It is not sufficient to simply treat biological dependence, as its underpinning causes and consequences of substance abuse will stay.

New Hope Rehab Center provides home based facility of patient treatment as well as in patient treatment. Please consult our support team for the ideal suited program and individual needs.


  1. Home Health Care: Home health care services involve medical professionals providing a range of healthcare services at home, such as skilled nursing care, physical therapy, occupational therapy, or wound care. The cost of home health care varies depending on the duration and intensity of services needed, as well as the geographical location. Insurance coverage, such as Medicare or private health insurance, may partially or fully cover these services.

  2. Telemedicine: Telemedicine allows individuals to receive medical consultations, assessments, or therapy sessions remotely through video calls or phone calls. The cost of telemedicine consultations can vary depending on the healthcare provider and the specific services provided. Some insurance plans cover telemedicine visits, and out-of-pocket costs may be lower compared to in-person visits.

  3. Home-Based Mental Health Treatment: Home-based mental health treatment programs provide therapy, counseling, or psychiatric services at home, primarily for individuals with mental health conditions. The cost of these programs can vary based on the duration and frequency of sessions, the qualifications of the providers, and the specific services offered. Some programs may accept insurance or offer sliding-scale fees based on income.

The best way to determine the treatment options and associated costs for a home-based treatment program is to consult with healthcare providers, treatment centers, or insurance providers directly. They can provide you with detailed information about the available programs, their effectiveness, and the specific costs involved.

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