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ICE | METH Addiction

ICE or Crystal METH is one of the most common addiction in modern age in Pakistan as well as globally. It is a very dangerous drug addiction and patients taking it undergo immense loss. However effective and proven treatment provided by New Hope Rehab Center provides a hope to such patients and rejuvenate their ability to control this menace. Meth is very addictive in nature and stimulates body with even a small doze. The basic function of meth is to generate a stream of dopamine by this drug. Dopamine causes pleasure and motivation feelings in person. With disturbance in reward processing people continue using this drug for continued feelings of pleasure. Methamphetamine is a stimulant of the central nervous system made from amphetamine and other compounds that originate from it.

The bulk of methamphetamine users use the substance in its synthetic forms: meth and crystal meth. Meth is a white powder which, while it may be yellow, pink, or brown, is most commonly white. It is scentless, bitter, and in liquid it can be dissolved. And frequently, it is absorbed by smoke, inhaling, or injecting.

A diagnosis for drug screening test is conducted to perform detection of drug. After that a painless rapid detox, which is medically supervised is done at our VIP rehabilitation center, initiating the journey of patients for this drug’s addiction recovery.